Decrease homelessness and transform lives through collective impact and specialist homeless service delivery

Designing Specialist Homeless Services for Women Masterclass

Sydney 2 – 3 December 2019    |   Brisbane  3 – 4 December 2019   |   Melbourne  5 – 6 December 2019 
This masterclass will unpack the root causes of increased demand for specialist homeless services by women and other key demographics that are affected by the lack of affordable housing, increasing difficulties with cost of living, financial hardship, unemployment, gender pay gap, divorce, domestic and family violence and more. 
Find out how to identify the hidden homeless and discover ways in which homelessness services can work together with the public and private sector to recognize at-risk people and communities a lot earlier.  The Designing Specialist Homeless Services for Women Masterclass effects long-term change to improve the overall quality of life and not just put a roof over people’s heads. 

Five facts about homelessness in Australia: 

  • Fact 1: There are 116,427 people homeless in Australia on any given night.
  • Fact 2: Only 7% of people who are homeless are sleeping on the streets and the rest are hidden away.
  • Fact 3: Homelessness in Australia has increased by 13.7% in just 5 years and the number of women experiencing homelessness has increased by 9.5% over the same period.
  • Fact 4: Of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing homelessness, 70% live in severely overcrowded dwellings.
  • Fact 5: Domestic and family violence is one of the top reasons people seek support from specialist homelessness services. 

Masterclass Facilitators

David Pearson


Australian Alliance to End Homelessness & Institute of Global Homelessness

David Pearson is a Board Member at the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness.  He is also the Executive Director of the Don Dunstan Foundation – a thought leadership organisation established to inspire action for a fairer world, and to build on the legacy of the late Premier of South Australia, Don Dunstan. The Foundation is currently focused on growing the purpose economy, mental health, homelessness, migration and Aboriginal economic empowerment. 
Previously, David was the Senior Policy Adviser in a range of fields to a number of South Australian Premier’s and Commonwealth Government Ministers. David has a Bachelor of International Studies and a Bachelor of Media, with Honours in Politics and Public Policy from the University of Adelaide. 

Wendy Middleton


Argyle Housing

Wendy has over 30 years’ experience working in community services both in the government and not for profit sectors in NSW and Victoria and has had the opportunity to work across many domains in both public policy and service delivery. Prior to commencing with Argyle, Wendy was CEO of a medium sized organisation in the Wimmera, Victoria. Throughout this time Wendy was instrumental in securing funding and services for rural and remote areas. One of the most rewarding and significant achievements in Wendy’s career was her involvement in a resident led community renewal for a public housing estate. Most recently, through partnerships and a tenacious approach, Wendy assisted in securing funding for the development of a community hub that provided one place for the community to access the assistance they needed. Wendy holds qualifications in welfare and human services research and evaluation. She commenced working with Argyle in September 2013 as GM for Business Development and Renewal and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in February 2014. 
On 26 August 2014, Wendy was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Argyle Housing. 



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WHY ATTEND          

  • Unlock new strategies to identify hidden homelessness and help to alleviate stigma and shame 
  • Reduce the incidence of homelessness by identifying effective early intervention strategies for the various complex drivers of homelessness  
  • Foster collaboration amidst government, developers, and support agencies to build and design effective specialist homeless services and programmes   
  • Learn about newly emerging models of intervention designed to permanently end homelessness 
  • Determine eligibility criteria for priority housing to boost provision of crisis accommodation, transitional accommodation and long-term accommodation 


Councillors, Executives, Directors, Coordinators and Managers of Housing, Homelessness, Shelter, Community Development, Crisis, Women, Health, Social Policy, Indigenous Affairs and Safety from:
  • Federal, State and Local Government 
  • Community Housing Providers 
  • Not-for-Profit Associations 
  • Property Developers 
  • Banks and Investors
  • Women’s Shelters and Services 


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